Cladich Tours

See Cladich and the award-winning Highland Cattle of the Cladich Fold with your very own tour guide.

A farm tour offers you the opportunity to get close to the Highland Cattle in their Highland home, whilst taking in the stunning scenery. Our knowledgeable and personable farm manager, Stuart, would love to show you around and share his passion for his animals with you.

Tours can be arranged for groups of up to 5, in the morning or afternoon, to fit in with your travel plans. Starting at 10am or 2.30 pm, they last about two and a half hours.

We collect you from your local Cladich accommodation in our all-weather Polaris off-road vehicle and go to our main barn, where we will give a brief introduction to Cladich and its history.

Wet weather protective clothing will be offered including suitable footwear (Wellington boots). Binoculars will also be provided.

Morning and afternoon tours will stop at a suitable viewpoint for tea, coffee and cakes.

The tours can be varied according to your particular interests. We may visit the old crofting township, the ancient oak woods, the open hill with its spectacular views across to Loch Awe and the Cruachan mountain range, the bronze-age cup-marked rock and remains of a chambered tomb and of course we will then take you off the beaten track to visit our Highlanders in their natural settings. They live outdoors all-year and don’t even come inside at calving time, and love to meet people and be combed and photographed!

In lambing season (April/June) we take you to see the lambs being born in the fields and the work we do in the barn at that time of year.

During the summer agricultural show season you will also be able to have a go at grooming some of our award winning cattle with show preparation including shampooing / blow-drying and combing. Yes, drying and combing! These cattle are truly pampered when they are being prepared for a show!

Hope to see you soon!

Book A Tour

We are currently very busy and are booking tours about 2 months in advance, so please try to give us as much notice as possible!

We are happy to tailor the tour to your times and interests, so please get in touch:


or Telephone: 07718 524158